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aza de Mayo, a peace movement. Some Latin American leaders, including Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, attended the ceremony.? BU

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ds, answering a questions from Judge Carlos Samour, Jr. that he understood his rights but chose not to defend himself. It was the most Holmes has said publicly since the shooting.

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-third in July. The ongoing heat is blamed for the drying up of the lake, said a report from Natural Resources Ministry of the Russian Federation released Wednesday. HOUSTON, Dec. 1

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latest reports, a major landslide on the Inter American highway in Alaska zone, west of Guatemala City, buried five vehicles and a passenger bus. A second landslide reportedly occ

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happen this year, leading Democratic candidates in 2016 will almost certainly embrace same-sex marriage, he said. A decision on the issue hinges on the dozen swing states. "The No

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ent. Latinos are motivated by the same issues as all voters in the United States -- such as the economy, education, security -- and not just immigration," said Gloria Montano Gre

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a framework for Congress and the administration to act in the best interests of all Americans." WASHINGTON, April 10 (Xinhua) -- Key U.S. senators on Wednesday unveiled a biparti